Beacons a sign of civic pride

By Observer editorial November 18, 2013 08:33 am

At first glance the new rectangular, rapid flashing traffic beacons in Cove may not seem a significant happening for Union County as a whole.

Yet first glances are often deceiving. Especially when it concerns safety of school-aged children, whether it is in Portland or Cove.

The rectangular flashing beacons kicked off operation about two weeks ago between the Cove Elementary School and the Cove High School on Highway 237.

The beacons cost $75,000 to install, a seemingly hefty sum for any township but an especially high price for a small town like Cove.

Thankfully concerned individuals and the Oregon Department of Transportation stepped in to make a difference and to help promote safety.

The cost of the beacons was picked up by ODOT’s Quick Fix Fund and the entire effort proved to be a two-year-long process.

Area residents — and ODOT employees — Patty McClure, Don Fine and Lisa Hayes, along with key stakeholders inside the Cove School District, united to help make the beacons a reality.

The beacons make a lot of sense, especially when framed against the incident several years ago when two children were nearly hit by a vehicle as they tried to cross the street.

Now, with the installation of the beacons, there is just one more added safety measure in place to ensure school children go to, and return home, safely from school.

The individuals involved in this effort deserve a great deal of praise and thanks from the Cove-area community. They saw a need and stepped up and became involved to make a difference.

That kind of action is true civic responsibility and deserves to be recognized.