Credit card fraud hits Wallowa County

November 20, 2013 07:15 am

ENTERPRISE — A rash of credit card fraud has kept the Wallowa County Sheriff's Office busy the past two weeks and Sheriff Steve Rogers doesn't see an end in sight.

“We are taking information and storing it up in case a consumer protection agency needs it,” Rogers said.

Rogers said it is possible a hacker accessed credit card numbers and sold them to other criminals. Locally, many of those whose card information has been stolen are Community Bank customers, but the fraud is not a local theft, Rogers said its a global one.

Wallowa County credit card accounts were used in places like Virginia, Michigan and Mexico. 

“This is not a local theft, somewhere a system was hacked,” Rogers said. “A major company got hacked in a major computer system.”

Rogers said he has had calls on 25 to 30 accounts and expects to receive more. 

“We have not seen the end of it yet, I think it's going to continue,” he said.

Rogers said in the meantime Mastercard and Visa have tightened up their security and they are investigating into the situation. 

“Local law enforcement doesn't have the capability to handle these cases,” Rogers said. “It's going to take a federal law enforcement agency.”