Letters to the editor for November 25, 2013

By Observer Upload November 25, 2013 08:58 am
Letters to the editor for November 25, 2013



Local group, chambers joining forces

To The Editor:

Recently the Union County Chamber of Commerce in conjunction with the Union County Ambassadors have reached out and made cognitive efforts to join forces with other local chambers in Union County such as Elgin and Union.

These efforts have not only been appreciated, but acknowledged as a true attempt to bridge local chambers and work together for the common good of Union County.

As individual communities, we are all still living, working and serving in one common county. Therefore, if our economics are to improve and membership of businesses to increase it is imperative we continue to unite and lead the way to show that two, three or more minds are better than one.

We look forward to working with the Union County Chamber and ambassadors in continuing to move Union County onward, because “united we stand, divided we fall.” 

Kem Brainerd, Elgin 

Chamber of Commerce


La Grande choir puts wows crowd in Portland

To The Editor:

The three of us had the opportunity to enjoy the excellent presentation of the La Grande High School A Cappella Choir at the Oregon School Boards Convention in Portland on Nov. 16.

Their performance was by far the best student presentation of the convention and their poise and presentation was incredible. We were proud to say that we were from Eastern Oregon after such a dynamic program. The students and director Kevin Durfee should be commended for their efforts and presentation, and the La Grande community should be proud of such great kids. 

Great job.

Brad Royse, superintendent of Enterprise School District

Keli Christman, Enterprise school board

Kate Fent, Enterprise School District





Walden’s vote in step with Tea Party movement

To The Editor:

I want to address Colleen MacLeod’s letter of Nov. 4 regarding her response to Glen Scheele’s letter on Congressman Greg Walden’s vote to stop runaway spending.

Her assertion/assumption that the shutdown was not a manufactured crisis and that Greg Walden’s vote against raising the debt ceiling was not just a lockstep Republican (Tea Party) move is incorrect.

It is ironic that Mr. Walden feels like he has to vote with the most radical faction of the Republican Party so as not to get challenged by the fringe. What is Mr. Walden so scared of?

Mr. Obama did not start this so-called budget crisis. He didn’t start two unfunded wars. He wasn’t responsible for the destroying of the middle class by the collapse of the housing mortgages. It was not his administration that bailed out the banks. The recession we have been experiencing was already well under way when he became president. And by the way, under President Obama the federal budget deficit has been more than cut in half, from a FY 2006 high of $1.55 trillion — largely inherited — to an estimated $642 billion this year, according to the Congressional Budget Office.

Raising the debt ceiling is doing the fiscally responsible action. It is paying the bills that occurred in the past. You, as a business owner, should know that paying your bills on time is the prudent thing to do, and lets your creditors know that your word is good. It makes others believe in you.

What happened to the Republicans being the party of business? Shutting down the federal government, and bringing the economy to the fiscal cliff, does not tell the world that you are strong. It says you are childish and will stoop to the most extreme measures when you don’t get your way.

People are tired of no compromise. Most rational American citizens want both parties to work together to come to a consensus on how to solve the most pressing problems of the day. Just saying no and having no counter offer doesn’t help matters.

Voting no was not reasonable.


Larry Nicholson

La Grande




Thanksgiving a break from hustle and bustle of life

To The Editor:

The holidays are approaching and the stores are ready for the Christmas shoppers, but the Thanksgiving holiday in November is a wonderful break from the fast pace of life.

It’s a time to stop and reflect on all the wonderful blessings our heavenly father has so quickly, lovingly and graciously provided for us this year. So, this Thanksgiving, let’s remember to take time and give our heavenly father all the praise and glory he deserves for taking care of us. What an awesome God we serve.

May our heavenly father bless all the military men and women, policemen and policewomen, all the firefighters and their families this holiday.

And may our heavenly father bless each of you in our beautiful community of La Grande and surrounding areas — that is my Thanksgiving prayer.

Janice Roberts

La Grande