Weaver sentenced to 80 months in state prison

December 05, 2013 06:55 am

ENTERPRISE — Daniel Dalton Weaver, 24 of Wallowa, was sentenced to 80 months in state prison Monday morning by Judge Brian Dretke in Wallowa County Circuit Court.

The sentencing stemmed from a three-day trial held in November when Weaver was convicted of burglary, strangulation, menacing, and tampering with a witness. He was found not guilty of rape and Judge Dretke dismissed the charge of sexual assault. Before the trial, Weaver plead guilty to fourth degree assault.

Defense Counsel Janie Burcart said she was concerned a long sentence would be detrimental for Weaver.

“I don’t want him to come out and hurt someone else,” she said.

When asked by Dretke if he had anything to say, Weaver said he wants better for himself.

“I plan to do good with my life,” he said. “I want to make amends.”

Weaver had a long history of domestic violence with his victim, Alaina Breach. In one case, they were both arrested for disturbing the peace. In addition, Weaver was convicted of battery in Idaho and was on probation for a previous attack when in April he kicked in the back door of Breach’s home, pushed her to the floor and strangled her.

“You came home from Batterer’s Intervention that night. It bothered me you were in Batterer’s Intervention three times,” Dretke said. “You should have understood you have the desire to have power over another person. I see you leave class, go over and kick the door in, push her down and bloody her face. It was not the first time this happened and this time it happened in front of children.”

Weaver was given credit for 239 days served in Union County Jail toward his sentencing. He was scheduled to be transported to a state correctional facility on Wednesday.