Letters to the editor for Dec. 9, 2013

By Observer editorial December 09, 2013 11:04 am

Annual Thanksgiving dinner a truly community event

To The Editor:

About 160 people gathered together on Thanksgiving Day at the Presbyterian Friendship Center to give thanks and enjoy a turkey dinner.  

This was not a family reunion but a community gathering sponsored by Neighbor to Neighbor for individuals to come together to enjoy food and

The room was festively decorated, the food was purchased, prepared and served, and the area restored by nearly 40 dedicated volunteers.  

I want to thank all of those who contributed time, talents and financial support to make this a truly community event.

Ginny Mammen

La Grande

City should stay out of real estate, appraisal business

To The Editor:

This letter is referring to the article in the Nov. 18 paper, “City playing small role in vacancy.”

So let me get this right. Siddiqui, who just moved to this area, is now an expert in real estate values for the area and Mitchell jumps on the same bandwagon? What arrogance. Not to say let’s devalue the property values in
La Grande’s core area.

We have very competent and professional real estate brokers in this area who have the means to formulate estimated values. So I might suggest you two stay out of the real estate and appraisal business.

Gary Koegler


Island City students put on quite a show

To The Editor:

This letter is in gratitude for the wonderful program put on by the children at Island City School Nov. 8. The program was so well organized. The music teacher did a wonderful job teaching the words to all the songs. It was quite obvious a lot of work went into the planning of this event.

The children were very excited about relatives coming to the celebration. Their enthusiasm was evident on their faces as they sang of their gratitude to the men and women who serve our country.

Thank you, Island City School, for all your hard work to make this such an enjoyable experience.

Nancy Edvalson


In trying times, church shines a light on the truth

To The Editor:

Imbler Christian Church deserves to be recognized and highly commended for posting the holy, immortal words of the Ten Commandments right in front of their church at 440 Ruckman.

In our time when wickedness and crime of all sorts is fast increasing and the perpetrators are getting ever more sophisticated in doing evil, it’s high time to keep the Decalog uplifted like a candlestick in the prominent place.

Thank you, members of the Christian church for doing this praiseworthy deed.

Lauri and Aila Onjukka


La Grande Christmas parade missing local bands

To The Editor:

I enjoyed the festive Christmas parade. But where were the bands? 

Couldn’t the La Grande High School and Eastern Oregon University band have turned out for the parade?

Isn’t this part of supporting your

Please do so next year.

Marge Woodford

La Grande

Elgin hatchet squad creating confusion, chaos

To The Editor:

It has come to my attention that we have a small faction of local people who are continually harping at the Elgin City Council. 

Well, they accomplished one of their aims and unseated our city manager and at this time are causing some uncertainty of what to do now. I have lived in Elgin for 76 years, served on the council and was mayor for one term. That was enough. I appreciated anyone who will donate their time to governing the city.

Now I and other folks who agree with me say, enough is enough. Let the hatchet bearers take their hatchets out in the woods and do their hacking out there.

Where there is peace and sensible arbitration, there is progress. Without that, you have confusion and chaos.

I love this little town and all of the people in it. That is why I have never left it. Are there other voices out there? Speak your piece.

Bob Wiles