Get the wolves out of Oregon

By Jim Ammons December 11, 2013 09:18 am

Since the inception of the Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife they have spent hundreds of millions of dollars promoting the betterment of our deer, elk, antelope, goat and sheep herds. Now they are spending millions on a predator that within a few years is going to decimate these same herds.

lf you look at the history of Wallowa County from 1842 when white man arrived in the Wallowa Valley until 1988 when the history of Wallowa County was published there was not a single wolf killed.

The Native Americans kept them killed off as they were killing their deer and elk off just as they are doing now. So why are the farmers of Eastern Oregon having to put up with them now?

On a recent elk hunting trip, I observed four of these killers lying in the sun after they had made a kill. After about a half hour they just up and walked away. Everywhere I went there were wolf tracks. I am not an employee of ODFW, but I have seen enough wolf tracks that I do not have to take pictures of them and send them to Montana or Wyoming to have them identified. (We can identify woodpeckers though.)

Also on this trip, the very next day, I observed three grown cougars hunting in the same area. The only problem I had was the wolves were about a mile away and the cougars were approximately 1,000 yards and I only have a 500-yard gun. 

lt was a very unsuccessful hunt with all of the predators there. Having spoken to several people that have hunted the area for over 40 years we saw fewer elk than ever before.

It is time ODFW tell the U.S. Fish and Wildlife to stay in Washington, D.C., and let the people of Eastern Oregon take care of the wolf problem here. The last two wolves killed in Oregon were in Linn County. 

So let’s let the wolf lovers move to Linn County and take all of the wolves with them and with Mr. Sykes leading the way. No one asked them to live here, so why don’t they just pack up and leave on the same road that brought them here.

If the ODFW doesn’t want to do anything about the wolves, maybe the hunters and ranchers can all start leaving little cans of chocolate syrup on the trails that the wolves frequent and maybe that will get rid of some of them.

I urge all hunters, sportsmen, farmers and ranchers to contact the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Mule Deer Foundation, North American Sheep Foundation, Oregon Hunters Association or whatever group you belong to and have them oppose any monies that are going to the research of the wolves. There is already a research facility run by a Native American group at Winchester, Idaho. 

lf you know any of the ODFW board members, it might be good to talk to them about the wolf issue and make your feelings known to them.

Let’s all ban together and get the wolves out of Oregon. 


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