Finding right answer a challenge

By Observer editorial December 13, 2013 08:39 am

There is good news and bad news regarding the La Grande City Council’s decision to forego a purchase of the old Eagles Lodge Building. 

The hope for some was that the purchase could pave the way toward a renovation of the structure and then it could serve as a new home for the La Grande Police Department. The good news is the local elected board carefully considered the option.

The bad news, of course, is that the deal didn’t gain any traction this time around and that means the local police department must continue to work in the crowded — and outdated — facility it occupies now.

Clearly the current facility — that houses both the police department and the sheriff’s office — isn’t ideal. 

La Grande Police Chief Brian Harvey said in a story in this newspaper this week that the need for a new facility isn’t going to go away.

Harvey’s right. The need isn’t going to vanish overnight. The solution, of course, is a new building, but the funding for such an endeavor isn’t going to fall out of the sky. 

But the fact the council considered the option of the old Eagles Lodge and that the issue is now out in the open and ready for a good debate are good signs. Hopefully, down the road, a good, viable plan can be developed to solve this local challenge.