Hair today, gone tomorrow

By Dick Mason, The Observer December 16, 2013 11:03 am


Assistant principal rewards students for successful food drive 

 ▶ LHS vice principal head shave - YouTube

La Grande High School Assistant Principal Scott Carpenter, like everyone, does not know what his future holds.

La Grande High School Assistant Principal Scott Carpenter prepares to have his head shaved Friday.
La Grande High School Assistant Principal Scott Carpenter prepares to have his head shaved Friday.
The good-natured educator does know this: he will not be visiting a barber shop anytime soon. 

Carpenter rewarded LHS students Friday for their generosity and concern for less fortunate classmates by allowing his full head of hair to be completely shaved.

Carpenter made the sacrifice to honor students for an enormously successful 24-hour food drive. Students collected thousands of food items from noon Wednesday to noon Thursday, far exceeding the goal set for them by the school’s student council.

All the food will go to the Youth in Transition program, which assists LHS students from less fortunate families who struggle with living needs. 

“I am really proud of the kids for responding to the call on Wednesday,” Carpenter said. “They came through in a big way. I’m happy to do this for them.”

Sophomore Nicholas Parker-Halstead is among several dozen who watched Carpenter have his head shaved in the school commons at noon. The sophomore was impressed with Carpenter’s gesture.

“I like it, I think it is cool,” he said. 

Carpenter’s dark hair was cut and then shaved by Brita Scott, a health and physical education teacher at the high school.

“His wife will not be happy with me,” Scott said with a smile.

She admires the sacrifice Carpenter made on behalf of the school’s students.

“He’s such a trouper,” Scott said.

Many students who saw Carpenter on Friday with his new look smiled and laughed good naturedly.

“Some wanted to rub my head,” he said.

Carpenter said the student council had set a goal of 750 points for the food drive but the students finished with 4,000 points. One point was awarded for small food items and two points for larger ones.

“(Students) were surprised by what they did in such a short time. This is the first time they have done a blitz like this,” Carpenter said. 

Carpenter is in his first year as the school’s assistant principal. He came from the Warrenton-Hammond School District where he was a teacher and administrator for seven years.

Carpenter has been impressed with the quality of La Grande’s students since Day 1. His respect is even greater following the success of their food drive.

“What a great group of kids we have. I love them,” he said. 

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