LETTERS: Neighbors not bothered by trucking company

By Observer staff December 16, 2013 11:25 am

To The Editor:

Regarding the “truck stop” in our neighborhood, not one statement made by Debra and Scott Stevens has been verified, and most of them are lies. lt has been said that the quality of life in our neighborhood has been diminished. That’s true, but not by the trucking company. Mechanical repairs that go on in the shop are never noisy and happen only rarely. I guess bright lights are only disruptive if they come from trucks. Bright house lights and loud music and voices over a microphone late at night are not annoying.

As to the order that no business parts may be stored outside, they should maybe look in their own backyard,which is visible to all who enter the cemetery. All traffic which enters Jon’s place, “the truck stop” must pass by our houses. lf 10 trucks of any kind were to pass by in a month it would be rare. Who even notices one truck crawling by in the evening?

We strongly question how Scott, Debra or Mr. Wasley assume to know what goes on in Jon’s house, unless maybe it’s the video cameras trained on the neighborhood 24-7. 

There is no office in his home. His bookkeeper lives in Union and does her work there. The only truck on Jon’s premises is his own logging truck, so no driver comes in at any time in the morning. Jon does live there.

Once again we ask how Scott and Debbie know what goes on at Jon’s since they both work all day?

Concerning fuel delivery, no fuel is stored on site. All fuel is purchased at key locks in the area.

The shop that is such a bone of contention was given a legal building permit by Hanley Jenkins and was wired by Scott himself.

The Stevens say they are sorry they chose to build their house here. They are not the only ones. They have chosen to spend thousands of dollars to destroy a very good neighbor and an asset to the community. He provides jobs throughout the county, and is a real asset to 4-H and other youth groups in the area.

Mrs. Stevens says she is a nature lover. So are we all, but we all agree, we’ve never heard a bumble bee bumble at night.

Dale Mattson, Carol Mattson, Norval Byron, Margaret Byron

Island City