OUR VIEW: Fulton left La Grande better off

By Observer editorial February 14, 2014 09:44 am
Often, we hear that a sense of community is lacking in modern world.

That’s true to a degree even in Northeast Oregon, thanks to TVs, computers and the declining importance of the front porch. But here people like Buzz Fulton have helped us defy that trend. 

Fulton, who didn’t want to be the center of attention, died a week ago at age 93, yet could wear his contributions to the community as his badge of courage.

The community leader and former La Grande mayor with consensus-building skills leaves an admirable legacy of civicmindedness and involvement in the community.

Fulton, whether it was during service on the city council, his time as high school vice principal or his many years as a ski instructor, was known for his evenhandednes and listening abilities. He worked mostly behind the scenes and always had time to listen to residents and get their take on the issues.

He epitomized that special Eastern Oregon trait of never knowing a stranger, the instant intimacy the West is known for, and made his own life and those around him richer because of his people skills.

People should be inspired by Fulton’s example and get involved in their city, whether that is in the political arena or in volunteer work with the many charitable organizations locally. 

There are jobs to be done. Four terms on the La Grande City Council will expire on Dec. 31. A primary election will be held in the City of La Grande on May 20 to nominate candidates. Candidate packets are available from City Recorder Sandy Lund

Nomination is by petition, which must be signed by at least 20 registered voters who reside in the City of La Grande.

Fulton promoted the value of community service, and his example should inspire others to follow in his footsteps, whether that is in the political arena or serving the elderly, food banks or the many other community-building activities available.

Each of us has something positive to contribute to the community and society. Fulton left La Grande a better place.