Wallowa FFA alumni turn down gift of property

February 26, 2014 09:35 am

WALLOWA — In a release this week, the Wallowa FFA Alumni said they are turning down an offer of the land where the Bon Ton Saloon used to stand.

“The Wallowa FFA Alumni wish to thank Roy and Diane Dornbusch, owners of the former Bon Ton Saloon, for offering their vacant lot in Wallowa to the organization for financial investment opportunity,” the release said.

The alumni said after much research, effort and deliberation by the group’s membership, they decided to turn down the offer due to extenuating circumstances including, yet not limited to, the current monetary liens on the property as well as the alumni’s obligation within the community to support the school’s agriculture program and FFA members. 

“We acknowledge the citizen interest in this property exchange. However, we hope it is understood that assuming ownership of the property was not in the best interest of the Wallowa FFA Alumni,” the release said.

The Bon Ton Saloon in downtown Wallowa was destroyed in an electrical fire July 30. Its entire contents, including all of the Dornbusch’s belongings and their home, were lost.