OUR VIEW: Residents get chance to sound off on issue

By Observer editorial March 03, 2014 12:55 pm

How often do you attend county commissioner meetings?

Our guess is not all that often, if ever.

This week’s meeting, though, is a big one. Union County commissioners are expected to make the tough decision on where they will site the long awaited courthouse.

The ideal location for the county is to site the building next to the Law Enforcement Building, right where Shelter From the Storm sits now. This scenario necessitates the Shelter be relocated, an 
option the Shelter opposes.

There are other options on the table. The new courthouse could be sited somewhere else on the county campus; other buildings could be razed.

Perhaps you have experienced the confusing nature of current court facilities, having to go outside and in another door to get to a cashier. Or maybe you’ve been in court for a trial and haven’t been able to see exhibits because of the pillars in courtrooms.

Maybe, though, the Shelter is or has been an invaluable resource for you or someone you love. We may never know how many people got the courage to leave an abusive situation because of Shelter From the Storm.

This is a big decision. So big that the county, in anticipation of a large crowd, has moved the meeting to the Misener Room in the Chaplin Building. If you have an idea or an opinion, 9 a.m. Wednesday is your chance to head to a meeting and let your elected officials know where you stand.