Council opts to release funds

March 05, 2014 10:45 am

COVE — The Cove City Council opted to release a portion of a $136,250 surety for the Rose Ridge II subdivision — an 11-plot residential development off Cemetery Road in Cove. 

In a 3-2 vote, the council authorized Hanley Jenkins, the Union County planning director, to release $64,500 of the assurance funds in order for the subdivision developer, John Robinson, to pay Oregon Mainline Paving for asphalt work done last fall in the subdivision. An additional $1,700 was released to pay for “as built” plans that will document what was constructed.

In an effort to get the subdivision finished so that lots can be sold, the city and Robinson signed an agreement last August that includes a punch list of tasks to be completed before surety funds would be released. 

In other council news, Richard Furniss addressed the council regarding legal action he has taken over a Verizon cell tower adjacent to his property. He said the city received a letter from his attorney because there is a limited time to put all parties involved on notice. 

Furniss claims he has suffered damages from the cell tower authorized by the city and built on a ridge above his home. Furniss has said the tower has diminished the value of his property and he would like Verizon to mitigate for the alleged damages.

“I want to re-emphasize that I don’t want to sue the city,” Furniss said.

Councilor Doug Kruse told Furniss the city had to pay an attorney $3,500 to respond to the letter sent by Furniss’ attorney.

“I think anyone in my position would take the same approach,” he said.

The council also authorized final paperwork on the $1,368,881 loan for the recently completed wastewater expansion project. Annual interest on the 40-year United States Department of Agriculture loan will be 2.75 percent. The annual payment will be $56,864. The city issued a wastewater revenue bond for the full principle amount of the loan.