Churches take Tower of Tuna challenge

By Submitted to the Observer March 14, 2014 10:43 am

A person could make more than 2,400 sandwiches from the 1,200-plus cans of tuna collected by five La Grande churches during a February tuna challenge.

The challenge issued by the United Methodist Church in a “tuna collection throw down” was picked up by the congregations of La Grande Christian, Zion Christian, St. Peter’s Episcopal and First Presbyterian churches. 

All of the fish was donated to Community Connection to help feed families in Union County. Tim Whitmore picked up the tuna for Community Connection. 

“Fantastic,” he said. “We really need the food. This will help all of my county agencies so much.”

Later this spring, the ministers will continue the challenge with a tuna meal bake-off. 

Each minister will be given two cans of tuna and a bag of “secret ingredients” in an attempt to prepare a tasty and nutritious dinner for a family of four with food that might be purchased with the daily allocation of $1.45 per meal per person provided by food stamps.