WISH LIST: March 31

By Observer Upload March 31, 2014 11:04 am

Local nonprofit human service organizations and schools often need donations of specific items or volunteers. The Observer provides the Wish List as a public service. Organizations’ needs are listed as space allows and must be updated every six months.

Friday Backpack Program

(drop-sites throughout Union County, including all elementary schools)


• 15- to 16-ounce cans of Chef Boyardee, refried beans, chili, chicken and noodles

• 5-ounce canned tuna, Vienna sausages

• 3-ounce canned chicken

• individual serving size cups of applesauce, pudding, fruit

• 10-ounce cans of soup (e.g., tomato and chicken noodle)

• instant oatmeal packets

• hot chocolate packets

• granola bars and snack crackers

• boxes of mac and cheese, Rice-a-Roni

• instant potatoes

• Top Ramen noodles

• 15-ounce peanut butter

• small boxes of raisins

• juice boxes (no more than 17 grams of sugar per serving)



• paper towels, toilet paper, tissues

• computer/copy paper

• bottled water

• sanitizing wipes

• laundry detergent

• dish soap and hand soap

• lightbulbs

• glue sticks

• 13-gallon garbage bags

• batteries (AA, AAA, C)

• coffee and tea

• styrofoam cups

Donations Unlimited

Our Lady of the Valley Catholic Church

541-963-7432 or 541-963-2282

• blankets

• towels

• boys’ jeans

• tables

• beds, dressers

• silverware

• frying pans, boiling pans

• bowls

• volunteers to move furniture

• estate sales


Union County Senior Center

• donations for upkeep of the center

• volunteer drivers for Meals on Wheels

• volunteers to serve meals Monday through Friday

• musicians

• two- and four-person restaurant tables

• new or used wheelchairs, bath chairs/benches, walkers


(drop off items at Wells Fargo Bank, La Grande)


• donations for veterans in need or distress