City mulls idea of Morgan Lake camp host

By Kelly Ducote, The Observer April 08, 2014 09:34 am

Morgan Lake (CHRIS BAXTER/The Observer)
Morgan Lake (CHRIS BAXTER/The Observer)

The La Grande City Council is exploring the prospect of having a 24/7 camp host at Morgan Lake. The Parks and Recreation Advisory Commission made the recommendation to the city council in a Monday night work session.

Kent Coe, the 2013 chair of the commission, said there are concerns about vandalism, illegal firewood cutting and illegal camping at Morgan Lake, which the commission thinks could be mitigated with a camp host.

"There's no one there to supervise people," he said.

The commission estimated a camp host would cost about $6,500 a year.

Another option laid out by the commission is to have someone spend about two hours a day at Morgan Lake, cleaning up and talking with people.

Coe said he didn't think the costs would be that different.

City Manager Robert Strope said a host, who would be there at night where a part-timer likely would not, would deter would-be rule breakers.

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