Proposed ordinance would restrict households to 2 dogs

April 09, 2014 08:46 am

JOSEPH — Commissioner Paul Castilleja is seeking funding to reinstate a county-wide dog control program. On his list of proposals is limiting each household to a maximum of two dogs.

Castilleja said at the April 3 Joseph City Council meeting to be able to finance the program he was asking each city to contribute to the fund, which he estimates needs $50,000 total for a full-time dog control officer that would serve the entire county. Joseph’s contribution, according to his calculations, would be $13,692 based on a $26.90 assessment of the 509 households in the city.

Dog license fees would also support the program, said Castilleja, at $10 apiece for spayed or neutered dogs, $20 for intact dogs, and a kennel fee of $30 would be assessed on any dog picked up by animal control.

Besides limiting each household in the county to two dogs, Castilleja said dogs would be prohibited from all city and county parks and would be kept on leashes elsewhere.


(For full coverage see the 4/7 issue of The Observer)