LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Wednesday, April 9

By Observer Upload April 09, 2014 08:57 am

Brasure: URA needs to think hard about request

To the Editor: 

The Urban Renewal Agency put on a really good show for the March 31 workshop for Market Place Family Foods. The only thing missing was a marching band, angels coming out of the sky, a singer and a man walking around with a hat collecting donations.

The person putting on this program, Al Adelsberger, should be on television selling real estate or gold mines for pennies on the dollar, just like the rest of the quick scheme people who are on television on Sundays. This person is asking for $500,000 for this project but if this man has all these private investors and his wonder team, why does he need Urban Renewal dollars? It should not be that hard for him to raise $1.1 million for this project if he’s as good as he thinks.

This project, and others like it, shows how our city just doles out money for something that may take years to complete at the rate he is going. The Market Place Family Foods is not going to bring in any traffic from I-84 when there is nothing downtown to start with. He should be thinking on how to bring retail stores to Adams Avenue first, then the food store.

There are 11 empty storefronts on Adams Avenue and many more around town. There are more real estate and insurance businesses on Adams than anywhere else. Where are the retail stores?

I ask the Urban Renewal Agency to think very hard about this project.

Michael Brasure

La Grande