By Observer Upload April 14, 2014 09:06 am

Patton: Barreto demonstrates much-needed common sense

To the Editor:

Election year rolls around more and more quickly for this senior citizen. Historically, a high percentage of seniors vote, which is why candidates actively court senior citizens.

Elections are important and have consequences. Many seniors live with the reality that these golden years require a lot of gold to survive.

I’m concerned that too many laws have been passed that sounded good but have later cropped up with unintended consequences, hurting ordinary citizens.

This May, we have the opportunity to vote for someone who has demonstrated he has much needed common sense. Additionally, he has earned a lifetime reputation of honesty, loyalty, even humility; his integrity is unquestioned.

Greg Barreto is running to be Northeastern Oregon’s representative in Salem. A proven leader, Greg has used his common sense decision making to build a successful business. A business that began with solving a problem 30 years ago and has grown into an international company that employs 83 people in La Grande.

I believe that we need this kind of man representing us in Salem. Someone who uses common sense to think through legislation and uncover those unintended consequences, protecting us. Someone who has character we can trust.

This senior citizen is proud to be supporting Greg Barreto.

Rowena Patton



Hopkins: Barreto’s business background needed in Salem

To the Editor:

After reading the critical letters about Greg Barreto, I asked myself, “Is this the same fella that I know?” The guy I know built a manufacturing company starting in his garage 30 years ago. Now with 80 employees he manufactures equipment in Eastern Oregon that is sold internationally.

After developing a successful business and raising a family of eight children, Greg and his wife, Chris, decided that they wanted to give back to the community. In addition to their charity work, support of the local senior citizens center and other community organizations, they felt that Oregon needed a person with a business background in the House.

After all, if the bureaucrats and their consultants lost millions of our dollars on Cover Oregon, a man with a business background is needed. Greg has planned large projects, developed and met budgets, and hired the best people for a very successful manufacturing operation. 

We need good people who are willing to travel our tri-county area and express their views of government. They should not be chastised for doing so. Listen to Greg. Hear what he has to say. Most likely, you will agree with him.

I am a veteran and I am supporting Greg Barreto for state representative House District 58.

Doran Hopkins



Wortman: Barreto the right candidate for the job

To the Editor:

We are writing today in support of Greg Barreto, candidate for Oregon House District 58. 

It is refreshing to have a candidate that is a successful business owner and more than willing to give back to the people in our area. It is so important that we send someone to Salem who is in step with the people in our district. He knows firsthand the impact that government regulations have on ag/timber and small-business owners across the state. Equally important is the time Greg has spent getting to know us and our issues. I don’t know when we have seen a candidate who has worked this hard or had a candidate that really believes he can make a difference. His approach to government makes a lot of sense and with his work ethic, hopefully some much needed changes can be made in Salem.

The first time we met Greg Barreto, we knew he was the right candidate for the job.

Pat and Judy Wortman



Richter: Those who need Shelter deserve our help

To the Editor:

I can stay silent no longer. Always new buildings and government grants for them are more important than the human being. Perhaps we have become too complacent to this fact.

However, if you have never been physically violated or beaten to the point of utter terror, or verbally abused to the point you feel you are unworthy, then I can see where commissioners would not feel the concern and urgency the Shelter From the Storm is facing.

As the name implies, the shelter is for women and children who need a safe transition shelter. We as human beings who have not been in this delicate situation need to respond and be supportive.

I sincerely hope our county commissioners are not just blowing steam and making false financial promises to the shelter — because we women are watching.

Judi Richter

Palmer Valley


McClellan: Removing cover on field lacked common sense

To the Editor:

The “Answer Man” article in the Observer on March 14 talked about the old LHS stadium. This stadium was shared by the high school and Eastern Oregon University football teams. The “Answer Man” stated that the bleachers were covered.

About six decades ago, EOU built its own football field and part of that stadium was covered. It was replaced in 1984 with a really nice new modern covered stadium.

I was compelled to mention what was left out of that article. The powers that be at the college decided to remove the really nice stadium cover so a new press box could be erected.

So now we are left with a very expensive press box for a few privileged people. The other 2,000 or more spectators are now left to the mercy of the weather, be it rain or snow or the blazing heat, for Eastern Oregon University graduation exercises or other community functions.

What is wrong with this picture? The answer is, there was no common sense used in this circumstance.

Dick McClellan

La Grande