La Grande mayor laments council's vote

By Dick Mason May 12, 2014 01:52 pm

The sense of anxiety is easy to detect in the voice of La Grande Mayor Dan Pokorney.

Two weeks have passed since the La Grande City Council voted against imposing a one-year moratorium on marijuana dispensaries. The brief passage of time has not diminished the sense of concern Pokorney feels. The mayor remains convinced that the city council made a major mistake.

“I’m very worried,” Pokorney said.

The focus of Pokorney’s concern is that the legislation that allows for the operation of medical marijuana dispensaries in Oregon contains a limited number of regulations to guide the Oregon Health Authority, which oversees the medical marijuana program, and municipalities.

“There are very few rules for the OHA to go by,” Pokorney said. 

He believes that if the city council had voted for a moratorium it would have had time to carefully and effectively develop additional rules for the operation of the new medical marijuana dispensaries law. 

Pokorney said this will be more difficult now and believes the consequences could be serious.