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Commissioners: Elect Greg Barreto House District 58 rep 

To the Editor:

Northeast Oregonians need representation in Salem. Longtime residents of Union and Wallowa counties understand that statement, because for many years, the state representative came from east of the mountains and the state senator came from the Pendleton area.

Once again, voters have the opportunity to make that statement a reality.

Greg Barreto, a small business owner from Union County, is a candidate for the House seat in District 58.

For 30 years, Greg has been signing both sides of his paycheck. Common sense and understanding of how business is the engine that makes our economy grow would be an asset in the halls of the statehouse. Greg knows the struggles of the business community and what must be done to take the burden off their shoulders, so not only more jobs are created but more companies want to come to Oregon.

ln 2009, Union County, Eastern Oregon University and the City of La Grande were approached by the Oregon State Police about siting a forensics lab close to EOU. The plan was to close the labs in Pendleton and Ontario and utilize the science department of EOU to better serve the needs of the state lab. The legislators on the west side of the Blue Mountains got wind of the plan and we all saw the results in the May 5 Observer. Can you imagine where the chips might have fallen if our state representative lived on this side of the mountains and fought for our interests in that decision? This is just one example of the profound effect this election will have on our communities’ future.

Greg Barreto would serve District 58 with distinction and use his common sense and business savvy to benefit Oregon.

Elect a man who knows business. Elect a man who creates jobs. Elect a man who calls Northeast Oregon home. Elect Greg Barreto Oregon House District 58 representative.

Steve McClure, Mark D. Davidson and William ‘Bill’ D. Rosholt

Union County commissioners


Randall: The real reason to vote yes to Measure 31-84

To the Editor:

I am a supporter of Union County Citizens for Good Government and the attempt to make our county commissioner positions nonpartisan. We expected there would be some pushback to our efforts and it came as no surprise that there are ads and letters in opposition. However, what has been said in the ads and letters warrants a little more analysis. 

The ads state that there is a real reason Union County Citizens for Good Government has sponsored this measure. And they suggest it is an attempt to trick the voters by hiding a candidate’s position on important issues. Since no one in the group that sponsored that advertisement ever came to a meeting or spoke with any member of our group, I am confused as to how they determined that was the real reason.

The real reason our group would like the positions of commissioner to be nonpartisan is that all voters, regardless of their party affiliation, should have the opportunity to select their commissioner in the primary elections. We have never had a hidden agenda.

A suggested conspiracy with subterfuge is exciting, but this isn’t that story. Our group has members who are registered as Republican, Independent and Democrat. 

Electoral process provides that any candidate running for the nonpartisan county commissioner position can be endorsed by any party. The candidates may state their party affiliation in their ads if they want to do so. The only change is that all voters would have a say in the selection.

Mike Burton’s letter to the editor in the May 5 edition of The Observer suggested that our effort “promotes a move toward a single party system.” A single party system is a term usually associated with dictatorships with no choices for the voters. This is totally inappropriate in this case.

When casting your ballot, the question comes back to how might we provide an opportunity for all voters to have a voice in our county government. You can vote for fairness by voting yes on Measure 31-84.

Lynn Randall



Walker: Barreto the best choice to serve District 58

To the Editor:

My name is Bob Walker and I have worked for Greg Barreto for over 28 years. I think I know Greg as good as, or better than, anyone does in Eastern Oregon. Over the years we have laughed, cried, argued, played, sweated and worked very hard together. lf Greg is anything, he is as honest as the day is long. He is a man of his word. He has integrity and he is of great character. Greg expects his employees to give him an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay. 

We work hard to put out the best product we can and he has always rewarded us for our efforts. We have seen some tough times with the economy over the years and I have seen Greg make some tough decisions. He takes the time to think them through. He is not afraid to ask for input and truly listens to what others have to say.

I came into work Tuesday morning and the guys on my crew were enraged by the new John Turner ad on the radio questioning Greg’s honesty. This is way off base and out of line. I have never met Mr. Turner and I must say l am having trouble with his approach to win the upcoming election.

Greg’s commitment to his faith, family, business and employees cannot be matched by anyone. Greg Barreto is the best choice for the position because he is the most committed to serve Eastern Oregon, hands down.

Bob Walker