OUR VIEW: Stauffer the right choice

By Observer editorial May 12, 2014 01:56 pm

History is important with local elected officials.

It can be easy to use a candidates’ history of holding elected positions or living in a community as a reason to vote for him, but sometimes new blood can bring better options to the table for residents.

Marc Stauffer isn’t a lifelong Wallowa County resident. He hasn’t been around for decades like incumbent Wallowa County Commissioner Paul Castilleja has.

Although relatively new on the Wallowa County scene, Stauffer has immersed himself in the issues facing Wallowa County residents and has done his homework on the issues.

He isn’t a stranger to elected office — or to campaigning. He served on the Elgin City Council before moving to Wallowa County. During the last county commissioner race, he ran as a non-affiliated candidate.

Running as non-affiliated proved a tough contest. Now, he’s running as a Republican against Castilleja in the primary and giving the incumbent a run for his money.

Stauffer is quick to tell you that no issue is the biggest in Wallowa County, because to each resident who comes to the commissioners with a problem, that problem is biggest to them. He knows he will have to work to address natural resources issues in the county but also seeks to improve the economic condition in the area. As a small business owner, Stauffer knows the hurdles it takes to be successful and wants to see the county prosper and provide more stable jobs. With the county having one of the highest unemployment rates in the state, it’s important that local officials look to ways to bring jobs to their communities.

Involved with the Wallowa County Chamber of Commerce and as someone who has lobbied in Salem for the county, Stauffer has the knowledge and wherewithal to work with those with whom he may disagree — be they across the state or across the county. He has formed invaluable relationships that will help the commissioners and residents utilize all Wallowa County has to offer.

History is important, but innovative ideas and cultivated relationships can sometimes speak louder. This primary, we urge you to vote for Marc Stauffer for Wallowa County commissioner.