Shelter: Grants could go away

May 28, 2014 09:42 am

Law enforcement’s VAWA grants could come under scrutiny if Shelter From the Storm goes away

Det. Scott Whittington has a specific job.

He is charged with investigating domestic violence crimes for the La Grande Police Department, a job outlined by a Department of Justice Violence Against Women Act grant award.

“It’s easily funded to the full-time position,” Whittington said. “It keeps me very busy.”

The three-year grant, which covers Whittington’s salary and equipment, including a brand-new car, funds the detective for investigating domestic violence, stalking, restraining order violations and sexual assault crimes in La Grande.

“The unique thing about this is now we have a dedicated person to do all that, and it frees up patrol to do other things,” said Whittington, who began working under the grant in October 2013.

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