OUR VIEW: Signs the least the state can do

By Observer editorial August 18, 2014 10:33 am

If there can be a feel-good story revolving around a vicious conflict that consumed more than 57,000 American lives, the effort by local veterans groups to raise funds to place signs along Interstate 84 that designate the highway as the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Highway fits the bill.

In April 2013, the Oregon Legislature signed off on Senate Bill 461 in honor of the 57,000 Oregonians who served in the war, but the actual funding for the signs must be furnished through donations. While one could quibble with the notion of the Legislature unable to provide all the funding for the project, the fact that area veterans groups are solidly behind the effort is good news.

And if the public can, it should help.

A single sign costs $1,000 and area veterans want to create an additional sign that will cost about $1,200. The signs, which are already up on some portions of I-84, will soon be up along a 370-mile stretch of freeway, from the junction of Interstate 205 in Portland to the Idaho border.

It may seem like a fairly insignificant thing. Yet any manner in which we, as a community, can develop to find a way to honor our Vietnam veterans is a good thing. If you are interested in helping area veterans out on this honorable proposal, contact the local Veterans of Foreign Wars or the American Legion.

This idea is, really, the very least this state can do to honor so many who gave so much in a war halfway across the globe so long ago.