Submitted to The Observer

The Book of Acts provides an account of the first-century church. There were hardships with oppression from those outside Christianity and disagreements within. There was also consistent effort to do God’s will of sharing Jesus Christ with others. In Acts 12 we read about James being killed and Peter being imprisoned. However, verse 24 says, “But the word of God increased and multiplied.” In chapter 13 we read about Paul and Barnabas being sent to new areas.

Faith Lutheran Church has been involved with a Haitian ministry overseen by Rev. Daniel Paul, a native Haitian, for several years. Through these years there has been a variety of hardships from outside sources and even disagreements within the ministry. But, Faith Lutheran is humbled that the word of God has increased and multiplied.

Faith Lutheran strives to be consistent in sharing
Jesus Christ. This June a team of nine people went to Haiti. The team consisted of Betsy Crist, Anneliese Wiseman, Jeremy Yancey and Pastor Sam Wiseman of Faith Lutheran; Christine and Rebecca McLean of La Grande; Joe and Justin Petersen of Messiah Lutheran in Prosser, Washington; and Nuria Gonzales, a young woman from Leon, Mexico.

The team worked on constructing water storage for washing and irrigation. This intense work in the hot and humid environment was taxing. Another project was teaching sewing. Christine McLean oversaw this project and said several of the older children had the competence to continue on their own. In early July, the ministry provided material for school uniforms.

The word of the Lord increased with two Vacation Bible Schools, one at Rev. Paul’s church with more than 220 students a day, and the other at a church-plant about five miles away with about 120 students a day. The children were
provided with a bowl of rice and beans, most likely their only meal for the day.

Lord willing, Faith Lutheran will return to Haiti. May we all rejoice as the word of the Lord continues to increase and multiply.