Katy Nesbitt
The La Grande Observer

ENTERPRISE — A remote, yet well-traveled, Wallowa County Road will be under construction for the next few weeks as crews repair a washout on the Wallupa Road, part of a system of county roads between Wallowa and Troy.

A portion of the Wallupa Road washed out this spring eight miles from Troy. The road was closed for several weeks until the county road crew constructed a temporary fix allowing one-lane vehicular travel.

Starting next week, the road will be intermittently closed as road crews begin a month-long re-construction.

Available alternative routes to Troy includes taking Whiskey Creek Road from Wallowa to the Powatka/Troy Road; taking Highway 3 north toward Flora from Enterprise and following the Redmond Grade down into Troy or
using the Grande Ronde/Troy Road from Boggans’ Oasis in Washington.

For the complete story, see the July 17 edition of The Observer.