Republicans: Bilateral trade agreements are the most beneficial for Eastern Oregon

What type of trade agreements are most beneficial to our local economies?

The short answer: Bilateral free trade agreements are the most beneficial trade agreements for Eastern … Read more

The Observer is 'our paper'

My name is Dorothy Swart Fleshman and I write Dory’s Diary for The Observer and … Read more

LETTERS: May 20, 2019

Milbert: Won’t renew subscription due to Observer’s content and increasing cost To the Editor: The … Read more

May 15 is Peace Officers Memorial Day

Read more

Letters to the Editor: May 13, 2019

McCracken: Motherhood is only one of unlimited options To the Editor: The Observer’s May 6 … Read more

Dems: Electoral College reveals federal government’s lack of trust

Should we keep or abolish the Electoral College?

As most everyone knows, the United States uses what political scientists call an indirect method … Read more

Reps: Electoral College reflects important constitutional principles

Should we keep or abolish the Electoral College?

Keep it. Absolutely. After long debate and consideration, the founders designed the operation of the … Read more

For sustainability, Forest Plans need to take the road least traveled

At first glance the title card might read like a worthy fight: “Two National Forests … Read more

How will climate change affect Eastern Oregon?

Gov’t attempts to combat climate change will eliminate middle class

The new carbon pricing policy that is being proposed by the current Oregon legislative session … Read more

How will climate change affect Eastern Oregon?

Climate change is here: It’s time to talk about adaptation.

Last week, I attended a meeting in Enterprise with range specialists, ranchers and Joseph Band … Read more

Changes to PERS can be made by moving forward

A career in education offers a unique opportunity to positively impact the future of our … Read more

Without local newspapers, a town is just a place

I’ve fielded quite a lot of questions recently about the future of the Baker City … Read more

Encouraging rural broadband investment is the key to bridging the digital divide

Recent advancements in technology have brought faster broadband speeds and greater capabilities for connecting to … Read more

What grows an economy? Confidence!

This is my fifth year in the Legislature. Over the past three years, we have … Read more

It's time for a change in the newsroom

It’s not often that I’ve struggled with writer’s block. I can probably write stories in … Read more

Missed opportunity if Oregon falls behind on clean energy

Two qualities that make our communities strong are personal responsibility and neighborly cooperation. We do … Read more

MY VOICE: Local newspapers worthy of saving

Imagine for a moment it is 5:30 on a Monday evening. You are just home … Read more

MY VOICE: Protecting the immunity of our community with science-backed policy

This week, a pivotal component of our state’s health is on the line – but … Read more

ON THE FENCE: Small business growth is critical to a local economy

I have had the opportunity and privilege of providing income tax preparation, tax planning and … Read more

OTF Response: White: Border wall is a phony national emergency

To the Editor: I am writing in response to the Jan. 25 On the Fence … Read more

ON THE FENCE: Admire economic growth? Why don’t you move to Bend?

Rural America is in trouble. Rural economies have been declining for the past 25 years. … Read more

ON THE FENCE: Socialism and capitalism— We need them both

When President Trump declared in his recent State of the Union speech that “America will … Read more

ON THE FENCE: Why capitalism will always beat socialism

An increasingly popular sentiment expressed in today’s political environment is that of the desirability of … Read more

On the Fence:One size does not fit all with health care

Health care in the United States is flawed; however, a universal health care system would … Read more

On the Fence: We need both: The problem is in the design

Asking whether American health care should be private or public is like asking whether a … Read more

MY VOICE: Nothing to gain, everything to lose: B2H transmission line is obsolete and devastating

The B2H transmission line is a 20th century solution in search of a modern problem … Read more

EDITORIAL: Weather posed challenges for delivery

The snowiest February in at least a couple of decades. A printing press that suffered … Read more


Alexis: ‘Ice Cream Patrol’ continues to serve To the Editor: Most local folks have heard … Read more


Christie: OTEC should provide electricity, not political patronage To the Editor: Oregon Trail Electric Cooperative … Read more

MY VOICE: Celebrating 50 years of helping people, changing lives

Have you been around long enough to remember EOCDC? What about HELP, Inc.? Ever heard … Read more

MY VOICE: Where are the protections for ranchers?

It seems a weekly routine, reading about new depredations on livestock in the Capital Press … Read more

FROM THE NEWSROOM: A new face to introduce at The Observer

Hello, readers! My name is Amanda Weisbrod and I’m the newest reporter at The Observer. … Read more

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