Nestled in the rural corner of Northeast Oregon, Union County is a gem of untamed, rugged mountainous beauty and the cultural hub of this region. Adventures await throughout every season — whether you’re looking for something extreme like snowmobiling, rock-climbing, windsurfing or mountain biking…..or maybe your adventure is defined by relaxing at the hot springs or sipping a glass of wine at one of the art galleries and simply rejuvenating your spirit and soul.

Union County is comprised of eight unique communities and nine unincorporated communities (Alicel, Camp Elkanah, Hilgard, Hot Lake, Kamela, Medical Springs, Nibley, Orodell, Perry, Pondosa, Starkey and Telocaset) — all of which offer their own vibrant vibes. With the majestic Blue Mountains to the West, the sea of Wallowa Mountains to the East and four vividly distinct seasons, Union County will satisfy your wanderlust.

With the Grande Ronde Valley as the backdrop and the luscious patchwork of farmland as the stage, every moment in Union County is a cozy, romantic, picture-perfect backdrop. Whatever adventure you seek, you can do YOU in Union County.

(courtesy of Union County Chamber of Commerce)