Three sales people at Frontier Motors hit the heights in 2007, selling more than 300 vehicles between them and capturing a prestigious award from the Chrysler Corporation.

Rob Gregory, Michael Rosenbaum and Janette Witty all received Chrysler's Master Certification. Each passed required coursework, sold over 100 cars, and, according to Chrysler, maintained a high level of customer satisfaction for the new car sales.

Adam Button, Chrysler's Boise Sales District manager, said he considers the achievements of the three especially outstanding.

"I work with 11 dealerships in Oregon, Washington and Idaho, and most stores are lucky to have even one salesperson reach this level," he said. "To have three in a single store in a rural market in Northeast Oregon is a great accomplishment."

Witty, of Imbler, broke into car sales with Frontier five years ago. Rosenbaum has spent nine years of his 11-year sales career at Frontier. Gregory has been with the company since it opened on Island Avenue in Island City 12 years ago.

All three said they were aware they were having a good year, but were a little surprised when they passed the 100-vehicle threshold.

"I had no idea we had that many cars out. I was pleased and surprised," said Gregory.

Added Rosenbaum, "I try to keep track of the sales, but you can't track them all the time."

Witty said she is pleased to have the award, though she didn't consciously set out to win it.

"It wasn't something I was trying to do," she said.

Frontier Motors, Chrysler's only Five Star Certified store in Northeast Oregon, is owned by Lindon Higbee.

Jeff Courtney is the sales manager.