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Union County Chamber of Commerce on Tuesday, Jan. 18, 2021, unveiled the new look for its logo and website, which showcases what to do in the county, along with places to visit and events.

LA GRANDE — The Union County Chamber of Commerce and Union County Tourism Promotion Advisory Committee are requesting proposals for the creation and development of visual marketing assets — such as photography and videography — highlighting Union County and the surrounding area.

The purpose of these assets is to increase tourism and support local businesses.

Proposals will be accepted until Aug. 25.

“We just want to make sure that we have a good catalogue, and it’ll streamline our workflow, because we can focus on promoting the area instead of finding ways to do it,” said Suzannah Moore-Hemann, executive director of the Union County Chamber of Commerce.

The organizers are calling for proposals from photographers and artists to develop a year-long project to create this portfolio, which would be placed on the Chamber of Commerce’s new website and printed on marketing materials.

The project will be assigned to one or several creators who send in proposals.

Some of the tasks in the project will include capturing landscape and scenery, others will showcase Union County individuals and events.

According to Moore-Hemann, the chamber and tourism committee are eager to receive proposals from local artists.

“We’re prioritizing local people,” she said. “If someone came in from somewhere else and they were amazing, we probably wouldn’t say no, but there’s a lot of amazing local talent.”

They also hope to receive multiple submissions in order to diversify the content that is created.

“If we get 20 proposals back, we might accept up to 20, who knows,” Moore-Hemann said.

Union County Chamber logo 2021

This change comes a year after the Union County Chamber of Commerce began a brand revamp project — including a new logo and a freshly designed website — in order to increase tourism in the area.

According to a press release, this is the first project of its kind for the chamber of commerce.

“By developing a portfolio of visual assets, the Chamber hopes to develop tools for high-impact marketing campaigns, in alignment with the Style Guide developed as a result of the marketing research of 2020, which will directly help support increasing tourism to La Grande and Union County,” the release said.

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