ACE Digital Gallery - Theresa Henderson

Local artist Theresa Henderson’s piece, “Star Burst,” is on display as part of Art Center East’s virtual gallery exhibit, now open on the center’s website.

LA GRANDE — Art Center East opened its first virtual exhibit, “Embrace the Unknown,” on June 5.

It features a collection of fluid acrylic paintings by local artist Theresa Henderson. Photos of the paintings in the exhibit and an interview with the artist are viewable online at the center’s website,

“My fluid art deals with the fours Cs: color, composition, contrast and creativity,” Henderson said in a statement about her pieces. “My work has been influenced by the colorful places I’ve experienced in my travels. Fluid art is my gateway to creativity, experimentation and the soul.”

In the interview with Henderson posted on the gallery page, the artist addresses the inspiration for the pieces and the process of creating them. The type of fluid acrylic painting Henderson does involves pouring paint onto a canvas and letting it flow freely. Techniques and tools are used to shape the patterns within the paintings as desired.

“Every time I do a pour it is like embracing the unknown,” Henderson said. “While you have some control, you also have to go with the paint. So, it takes lots and lots of practice, and trust, and the giving up of control in order to achieve a painting you like and maybe someone else will love.”

Fifty percent of the art sales will be donated to the center’s youth scholarship fund. Henderson would like to help those who may not have access to artistic and creative outlets.

“Our children have some art in school and some of them don’t have the opportunity and don’t have the supplies, and I always want to nurture that,” Henderson said. “I just want children to have the opportunity to experiment and grow through classes they can take at Art Center East.”

The virtual exhibit will remain on display until Aug. 8.

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