ALDRICH: Emma Aldrich, June 3, 2021, daughter of Jenny K. Aldrich and Jason E. Aldrch of La Grande. Grandparents are George and Susan Aldrich and Cindy Shearer.

BOYD: Julietta Augustine Boyd, May 24, 2021, daughter of Jillian Melissa Boyd and Jared David Boyd of La Grande.

GREGORY: Gemma Elizabeth Gregory, May 16, 2021, daughter of Elizabeth Shaw Gregory and Ian Michael Gregory of La Grande. Grandparents are David and Sarah Shaw and Michael and Sally Gregory.

HARTENSTEIN: Ruth Mae Hartenstein, May 29, 2021, daughter of Reva Rose (West) Hartenstein and Samuel Hartenstein of Imbler. Grandparents are Russ West, Mary West and Tom and Maureen Hartenstein.

JOHNSON: Eliza Victoria Johnson, May 27, 2021, daughter of Justise Lynn Johnson and Caden Ray Johnson of La Grande. Grandparents are Rodney and Patty Johnson and Ruth and Dinny Johnson.

McGARVA: Jack Fraser McGarva, May 27, 2021, son of Brandi Marie McGarva and Curtis Fraser McKenzie McGarva of La Grande. Grandparents are Charlie and Dawnita Picard and Troy and Lone White.

SCHUETTE: Eleanora M. Schuette, June 2, 2021, daughter of Brittney M. Johnston and Luc D. Schuette of La Grande. Grandparents are Dan Schuette, Dorene Stevens, Lonnie Johnston, Cliff Dayley and Lora Montgomery.

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