"Deer 139" film

University of Wyoming researcher Samantha Dwinnel and an all-women team of adventurers and naturalists walk a deer’s migration trail for 85 miles to make the documentary “Deer 139.” The film is free to view via the Blue Mountain Land Trust’s website until Feb. 11, 2021. Go to


to gain access to the film.

WALLA WALLA, Wash. — When following a deer, there is no hiding from the elements. The documentary “Deer 139” takes you through wild places rarely seen, embracing Wyoming’s grandeur in all of her moods, hot one minute, blizzard the next — plus fences, otter slides and wobbly-legged fawns.

The Blue Mountain Land Trust is hosting a free online screening of the film through Feb. 11 via its website.

Led by University of Wyoming research scientist and adventurer-at-heart Samantha Dwinnel, the film’s team (including a biologist, a naturalist, a reporter and one scrawny pregnant mule deer) “embarks on an 85-mile journey through sagebrush steppe and winter ranges with their wits and humor. ‘Deer 139’ unveils the mysteries of long-distance wildlife migration and makes a case for sustaining intact landscapes,” according to the press release. For more on the film, visit deer139film.org.

The team walked deer 139’s migration trail for 85 miles from her winter range outside LaBarge, Wyoming, up and over the Wyoming Range, across the Greys River, to an alpine cirque in the Salt River Range, to see this long and complex journey.

To gain access to the film, go to bmlt.org/events.

Based in Walla Walla, Washington, the Blue Mountain Land Trust works to protect the scenic, natural and working lands that characterize the Blue Mountains region through collaboration with communities and landowners.

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