Using common sense handling Easter eggs

Consumers should consider eggs, egg products as potentially hazardous foods

Eggs are a potentially hazardous food, but there is no reason consumers can’t enjoy them … Read more

Study cooks up some special eggs

Nuclear medicine technologist Jim Jones at Grande Ronde Hospital is not a short-order cook. But … Read more

Report warns of state money fallout from health law repeal

WASHINGTON — A sobering report to governors about the potential consequences of repealing the Obama-era … Read more

Virtual clinic offers speedy patient care over the internet

Grande Ronde Hospital brings cutting-edge telehealth technology and patient care access to Union County with … Read more

GRH adds remote system to monitor patients at home

Service allows medical professionals to check vital signs of patients at home in remote areas

Grande Ronde Hospital has partnered with a California telemonitoring company to provide a new service … Read more

Rates of hearing loss among adults dropping

Guns, occupational noise remain major risk factors for hearing loss

Even with an aging population, hearing loss among U.S. adults aged 20 to 69 has … Read more

Marijuana testing: Oregon revamps testing rules — yet again

Oregon continues to tweak its marijuana testing rules, hoping to ease a backlog and get … Read more

Acupuncture can be a remedy for relieving sciatica pain

Sciatica is leg pain that originates at the nerve roots on either side of the … Read more

Hospital smoking bans cut down on fire incidents

Over the past two decades, U.S. hospitals have been moving steadily toward establishing smoke-free campuses … Read more

State continues to make progress on antibiotic overuse

Concerns remain over inappropriate use of broad-spectrum drug

Oregon has made progress in curbing inappropriate antibiotic use, but too many doctors still prescribe … Read more

Tilapia: Inexpensive ‘trash’ fish may be healthier than you think

Pity the poor tilapia. While most fish are considered among the healthier sources of protein, … Read more

Clinic celebrates successful first year

Two new satellite offices offer more options for Wallowa County patients

ENTERPRISE — A year after opening its doors as a community health center, Winding Waters … Read more

Patient-centered home plan saving money

Don’t look now, but Oregon’s efforts to revamp its health care system might just be … Read more

When a spouse passes away, resilience can be uneven

Losing a beloved life partner is never easy at any age, no matter the circumstance. … Read more

Dealing with the obsession of clean eating

For more than a year, Aileen turned down breakfast invitations. Lunch was almost always a … Read more

Rural Oregon patients can have issues with Access

Getting medications in rural areas of Oregon can prove difficult for some patients

Murray’s Drug is a throwback to a simpler time. Opened in 1959, long before national … Read more

Providing emotional support for family

Wallowa Memorial Home Health is a comfort to grieving Enterprise family

ENTERPRISE — Caring for loved ones at the end of their lives is never easy, … Read more

Researchers get help from the tooth fairy

Baby teeth provide biological samples to research autism and other neurological conditions

As a father of a child with autism, Dr. Alysson Muotri knows how difficult and … Read more

What's on tap... for your body?

Brewers respond to consumers’ desire to know, reveal beers with more alcohol tend to have more calories

Back in the early ’90s, a rumor began circulating that a pint of hefeweizen, a … Read more

Area Students advocate for healthy snack zones

Six Union County grocery stores in Oregon have removed some chips, candy and other high-fat, … Read more

Policy considers administering contraceptives immediately following birth

After delivering a 17-year-old girl’s second baby, certified nurse midwife Olivia Kroening-Roche walked the patient … Read more

Grande Ronde Hospital earns ‘wired’ distinction

Grande Ronde Hospital has been recognized as one of only two hospitals in Oregon to … Read more

Can swishing carbs improve your race time?

Repeated mouth rinse studies have running world questioning the results

Late in the 2015 London Marathon, two elite Kenyan runners were running stride for stride, … Read more

Making sure your workouts remain free from injury

Along with safe progressions, an injury-free workout routine should include a warm-up and postural control drills as well as exercises that create a balance between strength and mobility

You’ve resolved to get in shape, you’re going to the gym regularly, you’re on a … Read more

Study shows male anorexia goes unchecked

CHICAGO — Eighteen months ago, Alex Levy, then 19, fell while rock climbing, injuring his … Read more

Knowing the cost of health care

Union County patients who want to plan ahead financially for an elected outpatient procedure at … Read more

Grande Ronde Hospital lifts the curtain on revamped clinic

Regional Medical Plaza grand opening ceremony reveals changes made to benefit patients

A guided tour of the recently renovated Regional Medical Plaza in La Grande revealed several … Read more

New drugs lengthen life span

Immunotherapy drugs can help stage IV melanoma patients live longer

The American Cancer Society estimates that this year 76,380 new cases of melanoma will be … Read more

Sunscreen: Container of dangerous chemicals or necessary skin protection?

Experts suggest using SPF 50, clothing and wide-brim hats to protect skin

Three years ago, a plastic surgeon from New Jersey made a stark declaration on the … Read more

GRH makes top 100 listing

Grande Ronde Hospital named to top 100 Critical Access Hospitals list

Grande Ronde Hospital was notified in April it had once again earned a spot on … Read more

Health insurers have released proposed double digit rate increases for upcoming 2017 year

If health insurers get their way, most Oregonians who buy their own policies will pay … Read more

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