Eastern Oregon Regional Arts Council DBA Art Center East

The Eastern Oregon Regional Arts Council operating out of Art Center East, 1006 Penn Ave., La Grande, was among the 150 statewide to receive a funding boosting February 20201 from the Oregon Arts Commission.

SALEM — Four Northeast Oregon arts organizations were among the 150 statewide to receive a funding boost from the Oregon Arts Commission.

The commission in a press release announced its 2021 fiscal year Operating Support Program provided $910,568 in total. There are 12 more recipients than in fiscal year 2020 due to a growing number of eligible organizations.

The Eastern Oregon Regional Arts Council, La Grande, received a $3,000 grant.

Crossroads Creative and Performing Arts Center Inc., Baker City, received a $3,020 award. And two Wallowa County organizations received grants: Fishtrap Inc. of Enterprise ($5,631) and the Josephy Center for Arts and Culture of Joseph ($3,000).

Other Eastern Oregon organizations benefiting from the awards include the Arts Council of Pendleton ($8,858), Crow’s Shadow Institute of the Arts ($4,398) and Oregon East Symphony ($3,000), all of Pendleton.

The grant awards are available to nonprofit organizations with arts at the core of their mission and budgets over $150,000.

“We often hear that operating support is the most important type of award,” said Arts Commission Chair Anne Taylor in the press release. “Especially now, as arts organizations continue to suffer great losses due to the pandemic, these awards can help relieve a bit of the economic pressure.”

In 2019, organizations receiving operating support from the Arts Commission expended $213 million, employed and equivalent of 11,681 full-time workers, and produced events and activities that were attended by close to 3.7 million people.

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