Cherry Fair Parade 2014

Vintage cars and trucks drive down Highway 237 as part of the Cove Cherry Fair parade in 2014. Although there will be no fair in 2020, the parade takes place Aug. 15 starting at 10 a.m.

COVE — The Cove Cherry Fair came to a demise this year because of the coronavirus. While the event will not see its 21st year until 2021 at the earliest, the parade of cars and trucks that would have marked its kickoff still will roll.

“People like to do this stuff, it’s fun and everyone needs a little bit of joy this year, and I am hoping the Cherry Fair Parade does that,” Cherry Fair coordinator Cindy Edwards said.

The parade is Aug. 15 and starts at 10 a.m. and features residents and organizations from cities across Union County. The route follows Highway 237 from Ash Street to Church Street in the hamlet. The parade does not allow political floats but anyone who would like to participate is welcome to sign up.

“This year’s parade will look different in that spectators will be expected to use their judgements in following the governor’s orders,” Edwards said. “I’m sure you’ll see a lot of masks and face coverings.”

The Cherry Fairy Float may not be a part of this year’s parade either, as Edwards said it would be difficult to keep all of the children socially distanced on such a small float.

Organizers are encouraging spectators to spread out along the parade route as a way to maintain social distancing.

The parade normally ends with the opening of the Cove Cherry Fair gates, where families and residents can play games, go on rides and eat fair food. Edwards said it would be too difficult to hold a fair that could draw up to 2,000 people and maintain all of the state’s mandates.

“It just wouldn’t be a fair if we had to follow all of the restrictions,” Edwards said. “Because we are the only parade this summer in Union County in August, I am hoping we get a good turnout of parade spectators and parade entries.”

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