LA GRANDE — All La Grande School District students in kindergarten through third grade will be able to begin attending on-site classes starting Monday, Oct. 5.

School District Superintendent George Mendoza in a letter to staff, parents and community members announced the district has met the state’s COVID-19 standards for providing on-site classes for K-3 students. Until now, all students in the district have had to take classes online.

There will not be a staggered start, and the school day will run from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m., according to the letter.

If families of K-3 students do not want their child to return to the physical classroom, they will need to talk with their child's teacher and principal, Mendoza wrote. The district could encourage families to transition to La Grande Virtual Learning Academy for long-term distance education.

Students who cannot attend on-site because of short-term illness, quarantine or other medical situations will have access to asynchronous learning from their teachers. This means instead of receiving live instruction they will receive recorded videos, written materials and the like.

"Each of these situations will be handled individually to best meet the needs of the student and their family," according to the letter. 

Mendoza also said students and staff must follow all safety protocols in the district "Fall Reopening Plan," including wearing masks or face coverings while on campus. Administration and staff will communicate specific information about how the district will implement these practices at each school site to make arrivals, classroom instruction, breaks, lunch and dismissal safe and effective, Mendoza wrote.

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