Grande Ronde Symphony Orchestra

The Grande Ronde Symphony Orchestra begins its 2020-21 season Saturday, Oct. 3, with “A Night In with the Symphony,” a virtual performance. Unlike this photo, the event will not feature the entire orchestra but three musicians: violinist Viet Block, pianist Matt Cooper and music director Zach Banks on cello.

LA GRANDE — The Grande Ronde Symphony is going virtual for its first presentation during the COVID-19 era.

The symphony in a press release announced patrons and new listeners will be able to join the live “A Night In with the Symphony” on Saturday, Oct. 3, beginning at 7 p.m. through several media platforms.

The performance featuring Zachary Banks on cello, Viet Block playing violin and Matt Cooper on piano will “bring us the next best thing to being there,” stated Alice Trindle, president of the Grande Ronde Symphony Association, in the release.

EOAlive/Brent Clapp Media is producing “Night In” and airing live from the studio in La Grande with hosts Trindle and Banks, who also is the music director of the Grande Ronde Symphony Orchestra. EOAlive and Sorbenots Coffee are sponsoring the event.

“A Night In with the Symphony” is taking the place of the association’s annual fundraising auction, as well as being the first chamber concert of the 2020-21 season. Two more chamber concerts will follow in 2021.

The event may be accessed at, www.EOAlive.TV or Facebook. For more information on the concert and how to contribute to the Grande Ronde Symphony, visit or email

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