Oregon Gov. Kate Brown has directed everyone in the state to stay at home to the maximum extent possible to stem the spread of COVID-19. The order remains in effect until Brown decides to end it.

Stricter social distancing measures, according to the statement, are the most effective way to flatten the curve and slow the spread of this virus.

“I hope everyone in Oregon abides by (the order): stay home unless absolutely necessary,” Brown stated. “Staying home both keeps you safe from infection, and ensures you do not unknowingly infect others.”

It is selfish not to stay home? An introvert’s dream! Whether the newest constriction on your daily life is a boon or a drag, in this digital world, there’s nothing locking up your imagination and creative energy. Isolating yourself from the virus doesn’t have to be isolating.

Do you wonder what your neighbors are doing (or wish they were doing) at home? The staff at the La Grande Observer and Baker City Herald are sheltering-in-place. When we’re not working from home, get a peek at what we’ll be doing:


Ronald Bond

WATCH: If I’m being holed up for only a couple of days or a week, I would watch “Stranger Things.” It’s fast paced, has really good characters and a great plot and is overall fascinating. If it’s being holed up for several weeks, I would probably pick “Star Trek: Voyager.” I watched the entire series a few years ago. I grew up on it. It has some excellent episodes, though also some that are just, umm, interesting.

READ: Only one book to read? I'm picking the Bible. It’s where I go to keep myself grounded to begin with, and in a time of insanity like this, knowing I can go to a loving God to get me recentered on what really matters at any time is vital.

DO: Listen to the radio!

Karrine Brogoitti

WATCH: “Game of Thrones” (series) or ‘The Lord of the Rings” trilogy

READ: “Reader’s Digest” or “People” magazine

DO: Experimenting with recipes with things from the pantry and freezer that have been in the house far longer than I’d like to admit. Learning to crochet or knit. Repainting the bathroom.

Cheryl Christian

WATCH: I love old movies and if I had to pick one, it would be “Now, Voyager.” As for TV, I watch a lot of reality shows, and I guess my favorite is “Botched.”

READ: One book that I would like to read is the Bible, because I have never gotten all the way through it.

DO: My hobbies are stained glass, sewing and painting. I have tons of crafting supplies, so I would be good for a couple of years.

Kelli Craft

WATCH: “Virgin River” on Netflix. Except there is only one season out right now so I will run out!

READY: Anything by Nicholas Sparks

DO: I love yard work.

Amanda Fredrick

WATCH: “Law & Order SVU” has been my favorite show for years and there are so many seasons, I could hole up in my house for months.

READ: Anything based on a real-life murder investigation

DO: Napping, of course!

Nicole Gilbride

WATCH: My daughter loves PBS Kids, which is one all day.

READ: If I ran out of books to read, I’d work on scrapbooks.

DO: I’d come up with little experiments at home to do with my daughter. She also loves putting together little puzzles, and we like to play outside with sidewalk chalk and take walks.

Amy Horn

WATCH: I really like “Reign” on Netflix. The historical fiction really draws me in. The first couple of times I watched it I had to look up what actually happened to compare to the series and ended up learning a lot.

READ: I love murder mysteries, and the Eve Ducan series by Iris Johnsen is probably my favorite. Eve does facial reconstructions to identify human remains and has a personal reason for doing it. Her young daughter was kidnapped and presumed dead, and she’s secretly searching for her. Of course there’s some drama and danger thrown in.

DO: I’m a crafter. I could spend all day in my craft room just making things, signs, wreaths, wall hangings, jewelry.

Dorothy Kautz

WATCH: “General Hospital” because I have been watching it since I was a kid, and “Masked Singer” because it is light and happy entertainment and it’s fun to try to guess who the singer is.

READ: A feel-good romance. Also the Bible — to help pray for everyone’s safety, I have several friends and family going through medical issues right now, even before CoVID 19, and I want everyone to be safe and healthy.

DO: I LOVE crocheting, and if the weather is nice, maybe going golfing or fishing with my husband.

Lisa Lester Kelly

WATCH: I could watch my favorite movies over and over: “Out of Africa” and “Philadelphia Story.” If I had the time, I’d re-watch “Lost” and “The X-Files.” Right now, though, I cannot get enough of “Longmire” on Netflix.

READ: Ditto for favorite books: “Jane Eyre,” “The Golden Notebook,” “Possession,” anything by Hemingway or Fitzgerald. Also make my way back through the Sue Grafton mystery series.

DO: Re-learn to crochet, spring cleaning, de-hoarding, yard work, photo albums.

Dick Mason

WATCH: “All the President’s Men.” I really like the movie because of how it portrays the craft of investigative journalism. Another element I like is how it shows what newsrooms were like before computers.

READ: “Presidential Leadership,” edited by James Tranto and Leonard Leo. The book has short chapters on every president through Bill Clinton. It has so much information on presidents that you cannot find anywhere else.

DO: I would visit museums and local historic buildings.

Devi Mathson

WATCH: “Criminal Minds” — it puts things into perspective and makes me realize my life isn’t so bad.

READ: Anything by James Patterson. His writing is so diverse. One book is about serial killers and the next is a children’s book.

DO: Crafting.

Sabrina Thompson

WATCH: “Grey’s Anatomy” because it has everything from romance to mystery, and it is 15 seasons long so there are plenty of episodes to binge.

READ: “People” magazine because it is the one I trust the most and like the best out of the gossip rags.

DO: Coloring or making things with clay. Doing stuff with my hands to keep me preoccupied helps keep boredom away.

Phil Wright

WATCH: “Doctor Who” — the BBC’s regeneration of the series in 2005 has consistently delivered compelling viewing, with superior yet outlandish sci-fi, twisting plots and characters you grow to love.

READ: A tough question to answer. But I’ll go with Don DeLillo’s 1997 novel “Underworld.” DeLillo delivered an 800-page achievement that aspired to be the Great American Novel. It would be worth giving it another read after more than 20 years to see how well that holds up.

DO: Building plastic scale models. Would love to finish a Korean War-era version of the U.S.S. Ticonderoga for my father, who served on the carrier.


John Collins

WATCH: “NCIS” — the series relies more on good writing and story plots than violence to hold the viewer.

READ: Any good book that keeps me entranced and looking forward to picking it up again. Plus, I enjoy a couple of good hunting/outdoor magazines.

DO: Photography, working with wood, leather or just about anything that involves creative thought and talent.

Julie Ferdig

WATCH: “Reba” because it makes me laugh.

READ: Anything suspenseful

DO: Puzzles, beginning sewing, home projects, trying new recipes (being creative with what we have on hand, which could soon prove challenging!)

Jayson Jacoby

WATCH: “Always,” the 1989 Steven Spielberg film with Richard Dreyfuss, Holly Hunter and John Goodman. This movie came out the same summer I first worked as a wildland firefighter, and because the main characters are fire retardant bomber pilots I've always associated it with that summer. I think it’s one of Spielberg’s most underrated — or at least little-known — movies. It’s funny and poignant.

READ: “Ordeal by Hunger” by George R. Stewart, the classic chronicle of the Donner Party. This is perhaps a morbid choice, but I’ve always believed this terrible tale is defined not by cannibalism but by the heroism and courage of the emigrants stranded in the Sierra Nevada by early snowstorms in 1846 while traveling the California Trail. No matter where I am, or what the season, once I get into the story I can see in my mind’s eye the blizzards and the towering snowdrifts and almost feel the chill of a Sierran winter.

DO: Walking or working in my yard.

Cory Kirk

WATCH: “Friends” — my wife and I have watched the series over a dozen times, and we can keep watching it. “The Office” is another favorite.

READ: ESPN magazine.

DO: I enjoy scrolling through Youtube, where I can watch videos aimlessly to entertain myself.

Samantha O’Conner

WATCH: “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy (extended edition). It has the right amount of action and humor, and I love the music.

READ: “Polgara the Sorceress” by David Eddings. My mother introduced me to Eddings’ books and this is my favorite one.

DO: Write for fun or clean.

Sarah Smith

WATCH: Any Studio Ghibli movie, “Kiki’s Delivery Service” being my favorite. I love “Napoleon Dynamite” too! As far as shows, at the moment I love rewatching “Parks & Recreation” and “Big Love.”

READ: Anything written by James Herriot. I’ve been reading his books and listening to his audiobooks since I was a kid. The experiences of this Yorkshire veterinarian reveal so much about humanity and the animals we share the world with.

DO: I’m constantly entertained by my three indoor cats, and I also care for a colony of feral cats that live in my neighborhood.

news clerk

Lisa has provided editorial support to The Observer's newsroom since 2006. She continues to monitor punctuation and repair dangling participles. A La Grande native, Lisa lived in Europe and New York before returning to her hometown to raise her kids.

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