The Urban Renewal Agency Committee was present at the La Grande City Council work session Monday night to discuss the Call for Projects and the loan program.

The URAC is a group of community members who oversee URA matters and meets with the Urban Renewal Agency to make suggestions about decisions.

The two programs, formally known as the Revitalization Incentive Program and the Business Development Assistance Program, respectively, have a point system in place to help give URA members a better idea of what projects meet the criteria for the programs.

The point system was recently changed to give an advantage to new construction projects wanting to set up at the La Grande Business and Technology Park.

In a previous meeting, new construction projects situated in the business park were given five points automatically because of their location. The reason, according to the meeting minutes in October, was that those businesses are at a disadvantage because they don’t receive points for being located in the Central Business Zone, where they would be moving into a building already situated in downtown. These businesses previously got extra points for investing in or improving the building’s infrastructure and curb appeal.

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