Impact 100, one of Union County’s leading philanthropic organizations, marked a milestone Sunday.

The group met to distribute just over $17,000, which they raised over the past 12 months to help Union County residents. This year’s contributions put Union County’s Impact 100 past the quarter million dollar mark. The organization has now given a little more than $254,000 to the community since it was founded in 2003.

“You are an awesome group,” said Susie Harris, who helped found the local group.

Impact 100 members each donate at least $100 a year to the organization. Almost all of Union County’s members are women.

The objective of Impact 100 is to provide assistance to people who have been dealt difficult blows so they can get back on their feet.

“Just a little boost can mean the world,” said Impact 100 member Kathy McGee, who attended Sunday’s annual meeting at Local Harvest Eatery and Pub on Island Avenue in La Grande.

McGee, a La Grande resident, noted that several years ago a Union County high school student received a hearing aid from Impact 100. She recently saw the young woman, who expressed her gratitude for Impact 100.

“It is amazing how much the hearing aid helped her confidence,” McGee said.

In most cases, those who received donations from Impact 100 Sunday did so after requests were made on their behalf by people concerned about them.

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