Dunn: Social Resources Committee would help Wallowa County

To the Editor:

As I have talked with the citizens of Wallowa County, the issues of the economy, affordable housing, drug and alcohol abuse and family values have been expressed. I propose that the Wallowa County Board of Commissioners appoint a Wallowa County Social Resources Committee.

This committee would be made up of the Wallowa County Commissioners, health care professionals, drug and alcohol abuse professionals, family value professionals, real estate professionals, school counselors, city managers, Wallowa County Chamber of Commerce, Oregon State University Extension 4-H, law enforcement, small business entrepreneurs, ministers and others.

The committee would meet monthly to communicate and help the county move forward on various social issues, such as affordable housing for both home purchasers and renters, development and/or recruitment of businesses that employ five to 15 people with family-wage jobs and support for family values.

The Social Resources Committee would provide a written report of accomplishments to the Wallowa County Board of Commissioners annually on its progress on these and other social issues. The committee would be self-governing and would be transparent with its detailed notes of the meetings and project assignments. The committee would not receive compensation. It is expected that the committee would evolve over time, finding its own agendas, inquiries and projects to help Wallowa County move forward.

Bruce Dunn

Candidate for Wallowa County Commissioner


Brown: ‘Community’ is BMCC’s middle name

To the Editor:

April is National Community College Awareness Month, and on behalf of the Blue Mountain Community College Board of Education, I would like to take a moment to remind the community of the many opportunities BMCC has to offer.

Remember, “community” is BMCC’s middle name. That means the college makes every effort to tailor its programs and services to the unique needs of our Eastern Oregon community.

That’s why you’ll find one of the best agriculture programs in the country at BMCC, which has the largest on-campus working farm in the state. It’s also why you’ll find a nine-month certificate program for data center technicians, of which 100 percent of graduates have landed jobs that pay more than $50,000 per year to start right in our local area. And it’s why students from anywhere across our 18,000-square-mile district can earn an entire associate’s degree online or in one of our convenient regional centers.

BMCC takes extreme pride in being an integral part of our Eastern Oregon community. The college has strong partnerships with local K-12 schools, industry partners, government entities and others to support the region’s efforts to thrive and grow. BMCC is honored to host a wide variety of speakers, presentations and cultural exhibits throughout the year, including the upcoming annual Arts and Culture Festival this week in Pendleton and Hermiston.

To top it all off, BMCC has very talented faculty and staff who work every day to put students first. Our students are the heart of BMCC and are the reason the college exists. Our employees are committed to student success and to helping students achieve their goals.

So stop by a BMCC location to see what Blue can do for you.

Chris Brown

Board of Education Chair

Blue Mountain Community College, Pendleton