Vigil: Republicans urged to save nation from Trumpism

To the Editor:

Conservatives are abandoning ship. In the March Atlantic magazine, two senior fellows at the Brookings Institute — Jonathan Rauch and Benjamin Wittes, who are known for their conservative views — urged conservatives to vote a straight Democratic Party ticket to save the nation and the Republican Party from Trumpism.

They offered a simple logical syllogism:

(1) The GOP has become the party of Trumpism.

(2) Trumpism is a threat to democratic values and the rule of law.

(3) The Republican Party is a threat to democratic values and the rule of law.

Their thesis, essentially, is that Trumpism poses such a severe threat to the Republican Party and the nation that it must be thwarted. And the only way to achieve this is to reject Republican candidates throughout the ticket.

Republican candidates are therefore on notice that they are not only running against Democrats, whether progressive, liberal or moderate, but are also running against Conservatives.

The implication is clear: any Republican candidate in 2018 is assumed to be running as a Trumpist and comes with the entire assembly of baggage that Trump presents — from racism, sexism, xenophobia, science denial and anti-environmentalism to exploitation of public lands and workers for the benefit of the wealthy.

Trisha Vigil


Black & Chapman: Dog park appreciated by travelers

To the Editor:

In passing through La Grande recently on our road trip with five poodles, we stopped at Riverside Park to let them run off some energy. We were so impressed with the park in general and especially the fenced off-leash dog park. It was securely fenced and well maintained and had been thoughtfully designed. We also thought that the group picnic shelter was exceptional. Just wanted to share our appreciation.

Marie Black and Lavena Chapman

Washington State

Simpson: April 4 was sad day for democracy in Union County

To the Editor:

Do people in Oregon want health care for everyone? Let the people vote!

On Jan. 17, members of Oregon Rural Action together with other supporters of the ORA Health Care Resolution met before the Union County Commissioners. Our message: “We have for you copies of petitions signed by more than 260 Union County residents. The signers ask you to pass a resolution calling on the Oregon Legislature ‘to refer to the voters a measure creating an equitable, comprehensive, affordable, high-quality, publicly funded health care system serving everyone in Oregon. The system should be transparent and accountable, involve meaningful public participation, and be affordable for families, businesses and society.’ We ask you to pass this resolution. We are not asking you to endorse universal, publicly funded health care. We ask you to call upon our legislature to refer this question to the 2020 ballot so that Oregon voters can decide the issue.”

The Commissioners asked for additional information. On Feb. 14, we presented the information and answered questions. The commissioners appeared interested but took no action. March went by with no action. We requested the Health Care Resolution be put on the agenda for the April 4 county commissioners meeting.

On April 4, we gathered to answer questions and give testimony. The comments and statements made by the commissioners during agenda item “III. Healthcare Reform” were surprising and unexpected. Some did not accurately present the purpose and desired outcome of the Health Care Resolution. However, clarifying comments from supporters were not allowed. In fact, no comments of any kind were allowed.

Tell me: what could be wrong with letting people in Oregon vote on equitable, comprehensive, affordable, high-quality, publicly funded healthcare serving everyone in Oregon?

We came to the meeting eager to be part of the democratic process where the public engages in dialogue with elected officials — in this case the Union County
Commissioners. This was not allowed. It was a sad day for democracy in Union County, Oregon.

Cheryl Simpson

La Grande

Cooke: Fight institutionalized bullying by boycotting Fox News

To the Editor:

Many of us recognized a bully in a certain presidential candidate.

We were dismayed that enough people would follow this bully and vote for him.

When we watch Trump and Fox News bully a group of homeless refugees, harass and demonize these poor people who left home only as a last resort, we are filled with grief. Such institutionalized bullying is pure evil.

If you are a follower of Fox News, please look into your heart. Ask yourself why those paranoid pundits are comfortable and well-paid while the poor only want to work, only want to protect their families.

Please boycott Fox News and all its financial backers. How else can we fight evil?

Mary Cooke