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Bryan: Oregon’s farmers need Wooldridge’s leadership

To the Editor:

For far too long, Oregon’s natural resource economy has had an enemy in the governor’s office. This upcoming election is giving us a chance to change that. My family has farmed and ranched in Oregon for more than 100 years. We have seen firsthand that broad-based and invasive regulations suppress the growth of family farms and businesses. Our current governor has rammed through policies that will make it harder for family farms to be sustained for future generations. We need a new governor with a record of strong leadership to fix the broken system.

I’m proud to support Captain Greg Wooldridge for governor. He is the only candidate endorsed by the Far West Agribusiness Association and by many farmers and ranchers throughout Oregon. During his leadership of Lemoore Naval Air Station, the base was recognized as the top naval installation in the world. As the base commander, Captain Wooldridge opened 18,000 acres of vacant land on the base to local farmers. Oregon needs his proactive leadership now more than ever.

Evan Bryan

Wallowa Lake

Hoyt: John Lackey will effectively and efficiently guide our county

To the Editor:

It is my belief that to be an effective county commissioner requires dedication and a genuine work ethic. County commissioners address a considerable number of issues and have a responsibility to all the citizens and communities in Union County. Commissioners need to have the drive to do the necessary research to fully understand all aspects of an issue in order to make an educated and well-founded decision; their decisions affect all of us. This is a full-time position requiring a multitude of skills and qualifications.

John Lackey is a concerned citizen who is fully committed to the duties and responsibilities of the county commissioner position for which he is campaigning. I have personal experience working with John and have firsthand knowledge of his dedication to his community. John has always thoroughly researched subjects necessary to form a valid and educated decision before he offers a solution or an opinion, be it for a business plan, a financial projection or his stand on an issue that ultimately affects a person’s or community’s future.

John has the background to effectively and efficiently guide our county as we strive for economic stability while preserving our cherished rural lifestyle. He is a team player with experience in governance, budget and resource management and will serve us best as our full-time county commissioner.

John has my vote. I encourage you to do your homework and vote for the most qualified, dedicated person: John Lackey.

Susan Hoyt


William: Ceding Oregon land to B2H is folly

To the Editor:

I am writing regarding Idaho Power’s plans to build the Boardman to Hemingway transmission line through Union County.

I own property in La Grande that is in the crosshairs of at least two of the proposed Boardman to Hemingway routes between Hilgard and Ladd Canyon. I am also a NIMBY. Initially this fueled my opposition to Boardman to Hemingway. Over the last 10 years, having taken note of advances in nascent technologies (including but not limited to storage, conservation, rooftop solar and microgrids) and the proponents’ seeming aversion to them, I greatly oppose this project turning up in anyone’s backyard.

At one point, the proponents told us California, having the highest mandate for renewable power sources, needed connection to this new grid. At another point, they told us demand was rising. The former didn’t pan out, and the latter isn’t.

Preferring to build a multi-billion-dollar project instead of embracing the new innovations seems tantamount to not switching to an AC-powered grid a century ago. It also seems likely that transmission will become less problematic than previously conceived.

Pursuing this project in lieu of real modernization indicates an indifference to fish and wildlife habitat, cultural and archeological landmarks, as well as viewscapes. Ceding stewardship of some 9,000 acres of Oregon to those who care so little about them would be more than folly.

John Williams

La Grande

Schlichting: Kelsie McDaniel is smart, compassionate and tough

To the Editor:

My name is Valerie Schlichting, and I was born and raised in Union County. This is my home, where I choose to live and raise my children with my husband. I have worked in the Union County District Attorney’s Office for the past 10 years, eight of which have been with Kelsie McDaniel. I support McDaniel as our current and future district attorney.

In the last eight years working with McDaniel, I have come to admire and look up to her. She is smart, compassionate and tough when she needs to be. Her compassion isn’t limited to only our community, but reaches out to other communities when they are affected by crime. For example, when the Umpqua Community College shooting occurred in Roseburg, the DA’s office was contacted to assist with the victims. McDaniel did not hesitate to allow the victim advocate and myself to go. She supported us while we were there, from assisting victims here in our absence to personally supporting us as we provided services to a family whose son was killed. McDaniel always does what is right for our community and steps up to help wherever she is needed.

McDaniel is constantly coming up with new ways to improve victim services and provide resources for our community. The recent hire of a Juvenile Victim Advocate and Restitution Specialist will provide relief to victims of property crimes. After much thought and planning, McDaniel came up with this program for the dual purpose of helping victims receive the payments they are due and also giving offenders valuable work skills to help make them successful contributing people within our community.

I am proud to be part of the team within the District Attorney’s Office. I am proud of the work we do, and I am proud of my district attorney. I can only hope that the community sees what I see in Kelsie McDaniel and allows her to continue her efforts within our community.

Valerie Schlichting

La Grande