Shopping for just the right chocolate confections has gotten even easier

"Ideas should be clear and chocolate should be thick," Arrowhead Chocolate's website says. The Spanish proverb evokes the love and devotion the Joseph chocolatiers have for their craft and, as of a couple weeks ago, the love can be ordered online from their website.

Arrowhead has fast become a popular stop for visitors and locals alike.

Now shopping for just the right chocolate confections has gotten even easier with the addition of online ordering. Erica Reininger, who owns the shop with her parents Bruce and Wendy, said the site has been up a couple weeks and is fully functioning.

"You can now order all of our chocolate available in the store online," Reininger said.

The website has new photos in addition to the ability to order online, she said. The site can be connected to Facebook and Twitter for blog updates.

"The website makes it easy for people who live out of the area," Reininger said.

The website also makes it easier for locals who want to peruse the site and order from home. Of course, if you live close by, you should come in and sample Arrowhead's wares so you can choose by taste what is best to send to friends, loved ones and, of course, for personal enjoyment.

"It's a no-brainer way to get chocolate delivered right to your door," Reininger said.

She said the site is user friendly and easy to navigate.

"Have a hankering for chocolate? We are just a click away," Reininger said.

At a recent Joseph Merchants Association event, "Men's Night Out," Reininger paired beer from Joseph's Mutiny is Brewing brewery with a variety of chocolates. The wheat beer was a good match with fruity confections. The porter worked well with the bacon caramels and the Belgian brew with its smooth flavors went well with strong-flavored confections such as the ginger chocolates.

Arrowhead's website says, "Our chocolates are handcrafted in small batches, often using local, natural and organic ingredients."

The Reiningers are chocolate lovers and claim everything they make they have to love first before offering it to their customers. They say they are committed to using chocolate that is Fair Trade and Rainforest Alliance certified.

People who love chocolate and really love great chocolate can check out their website, to shop for a wide variety of handcrafted, love-infused goodness.