Alyssa Sutton

The Union County Chamber of Commerce recently decided to invite local businesses and the community to take a pledge to support our local economy.

Union County Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Bob Kavanaugh initiated the pledge after his wife, Sherry Kavanaugh, brought to his attention that they could put more effort into shopping locally.

“That’s the first component of the pledge,” Kavanaugh said. “(As) the general population, we are pledging we are going to do everything we can to buy local products and services here first, before looking out of town or online.”

For businesses, the pledge would mean that they do everything they reasonably can to provide for their customers in not just customer service, but also in the items they carry.

“If they can’t order something for you, they can’t order it,” Kavanaugh said. “They’ve done what they can.”

Local businesses who take the pledge will do their best to make sure their inventory matches the needs of their customers.

“If they’ve done everything they can and still can’t help you, then that’s when you shop elsewhere,” Kavanaugh said.

Kavanaugh reported that local businesses are responding positively to the initiative.

“A lot of businesses are contacting me about the program,” he said. “I’ve lost count of the number.”

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