One woman, new to the Grande Ronde Valley, felt compelled by a Facebook post to help brighten the Christmas of a woman she’d never met.

Dominique Rheinecker, who moved from Southern California to Cove with her family three months ago, saw a post on one of the local classified pages by a woman asking if anyone wanted to buy her crafts as a way to be able to afford Christmas presents for her four children. Rheinecker said she was impressed that the woman was not asking for money or presents.

“I’ve never met this woman before,” Rheinecker said. “It just touched me that she was willing to earn the money.”

No one had commented on the post, Rheinecker said, and she decided to reach out to this woman.

“I go to Faith Center, and the pastor had talked (recently) about being grateful for what you have,” she said. “He talked about God’s love and joy, and that message really touched me.”

Rheinecker said she messaged the woman and said she wanted to help her. After some persistence, Rheinecker said, the woman agreed to accept her help. She got the ages of the woman’s children and bought them individual gifts plus one family gift for all of them to enjoy.

Rheinecker, a stay-at-home mom with two children, an 11-year-old son and a baby, and her husband, Paul, who works at Nash Welding, will deliver the gifts plus treats she made to the family this weekend.

For the complete story, see the Dec. 22 edition of The Observer.