Thanks to a donation of a land easement, the Imbler School District hopes to have a new septic system later this year.

The easement was donated by the Imbler family of Wade and Ange Bingaman and Carrie and Ross Bingaman. Wade Bingaman is a member of the Imbler School Board.

The donation means the school district may be able to replace the septic system at its high school and elementary school with a $500,000 step system that will serve the entire school district later this year.

Imbler School Board member Ken Patterson said once approval from the Department of Environmental Quality and Union County is received, work on the project could begin later this year.

“We are pretty excited about this,” he said.

Imbler School District Superintendent Angie Lakey-Campbell said the goal is to have the new septic system completed by this fall.

There have been problems in recent years operating the elementary and high school septic systems when the water table rises. The school district is thus planning to install a step septic system, which would prevent any backup issues. Effluent in the system will first enter a septic tank where bacteria breaks down solids. Next the waste water will be sent via a pipe to a septic pond where it would evaporate, Patterson said.

The Bingaman family recently donated an easement for two acres, which will serve as the site of the septic pond.

“A number of families offered land. It was nice that families wanted to help us out,” Patterson said.

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