Alyssa Sutton

Students of Eastern Oregon University have the chance to visit London, England, this summer.

Two years ago Nancy Knowles, EOU professor of English and writing, organized a trip to London, but due to a lack of participants had to cancel. This year the trip, known as the Literary London tour, is back on.

“The idea is to get folks into the London environment and view how it features literature,” said Knowles, who specializes in British literature.

Knowles organized the trip through International Student Services office. ISA, according to the organization’s website, was founded in 1987 and provides college students in the United States and Canada the opportunity to explore the world.

“When we start working with ISA we can tell them what we want included in a trip, how many students we have and the dates,” said Janet Camp, EOU’s international student services coordinator. “Some faculty don’t have any experience in the country they’re taking students to, so ISA helps put (a tour) together. Other faculty have an idea and can tell ISA different places they would like their students to visit.”

Knowles is the first faculty member at the university to organize a literary trip to Europe. She has included both literary and theater geographical locations in the tour.

“It is oriented toward literature,” Knowles said, “but those who like theater may be interested as well.”

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