Laura Eckstein, current Elgin Municipal Court Judge, has officially filed to run for the Union County District Attorney’s position, which is up for election this year.

Eckstein, who stepped into the role as the municipal court judge in August 2017, has been an attorney for 19 years and has worked as a prosecuting attorney, defense attorney and judge. She has practiced in both the civil and private sectors and has worked at all levels including federal, state, county and city courts.

“I’ve done each function,” she said. “It’s gives me context. That’s how you get awareness, and you have more to draw from.”

Eckstein said she decided to run for DA because of her extensive background and recent experience as Elgin’s judge.

“It’s offered a different perspective,” she said. “This is the time to take action. My philosophy is experience, leadership and no excuses.”

Eckstein said a system doesn’t function if there’s no safety.

“If a community doesn’t feel safe, then all the work being put into economic development isn’t going to work,” she said.

She said if a problem is properly taken care of when it’s small, it won’t get the opportunity to grow. That attitude has been extremely helpful to her as Elgin’s judge.

“Property values will go up,” she said. “People will stay in a place they feel safe.”

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